On behalf of the Organizing Committee, to cave and karst management professionals and anyone interested in the management, protection, and conservation of karst systems. The 22nd National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, jointly sponsored by Buffalo National River, Arkansas Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and Cave Research Foundation, will be held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, from October 16 to October 20, 2017.

These biennial symposia are held at different locations across the United States in order to highlight regional differences and similarities of karst areas, and to allow members of the resource management community to meet and exchange ideas to promote and advance effective management of cave and karst resources.  The 22nd National Cave and Karst Management Symposium (NCKMS) is the second time the meeting has been held in Arkansas.  The first NCKMS in Arkansas was held way back in 1976, and we are eager to showcase the caves and karst features of the southern Ozarks once more.  NCKMS typically focuses on resource management and stewardship activities, education communication, sustainability, and research, and sessions often provide many examples in both show cave and wild cave resource management.  As more information becomes available, we will post it on this website. Please stay tuned.

Chuck Bitting, Chair of the Organizing Committee

Committee Members: Ethan Brown, Bob Hoke, Cory Holliday, Matthew Niemiller, Kayla Sapkota, and Michael E. Slay